semiootika osakond
professor of biosemiotics, head of the department

Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu
Tiigi 78
50410 Tartu

tel: +372 737 5933


main fields of research:
general semiotics, its theory and methodology
species, their co-existence, and evolution
theoretical biology (and its history)

recent book:

Emmeche, Claus; Kull, Kalevi (eds.) 2011. Towards a Semiotic Biology: Life is the Action of Signs. London: Imperial College Press.

selected publications:

Kull, Kalevi 2010. Ecosystems are made of semiosic bonds: Consortia, umwelten, biophony and ecological codes. Biosemiotics 3(3): 347-357.

Kull, Kalevi; Deacon, Terrence; Emmeche, Claus; Hoffmeyer, Jesper; Stjernfelt, Frederik 2009. Theses on biosemiotics: Prolegomena to a theoretical biology. Biological Theory: Integrating Development, Evolution, and Cognition 4(2): 167-173.

Kull, Kalevi 2009. Biosemiotics: To know, what life knows. Cybernetics and Human Knowing 16(3/4): 81-88.

Kull, Kalevi 2009. The importance of semiotics to University: Semiosis makes the world locally plural. In: Deely, John; Sbrocchi, Leonard G. (eds.), Semiotics 2008: Specialization, Semiosis, Semiotics. Ottawa: Legas, 494-514.

Pattee, Howard H.; Kull, Kalevi 2009. A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics. Sign Systems Studies 37(1/2): 311-331.

Kull, Kalevi 2009. Vegetative, animal, and cultural semiosis: The semiotic threshold zones. Cognitive Semiotics 4: 8-27.

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Kull, Kalevi 2009. Semiosic means alive: A Tartu view. In: Bundgaard, Peer; Stjernfelt, Frederik 2009. Signs and Meaning: 5 Questions. New York: Automatic Press, VIP, 113-120.

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K.Kull, C.Emmeche, D.Favareau (2008). Biosemiotic questions. Biosemiotics 1(1): 41-55.

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Kull, K.(2007). Biosemiotic conversations: Ponzio, Bakhtin, Kanaev, Driesch, Uexküll, Lotman. Petrilli, S. (Eds.). Philosophy of Language as the Art of Listening: On Augusto Ponzio’s Scientific Research (79 - 89). Bari: Edizioni dal Sud
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