April 1998

1st Circular

The Ninth International Congress for Fenno-Ugric Studies
Congressus Nonus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum,

according to the decision of ICFUC (International Committee for Finno-Ugric Congresses), will be held

in Tartu, Estonia, August 7 - 13, 2000.

The main theme of the congress will be


The congress will consist of four traditional sections:

A Linguistics

B Ethnology and Folklore

C Literature

D Archaeology, Anthropology and Genetics

In addition to plenary and section presentations, special symposia, discussion sessions, workshops, as well as poster sessions and cultural and recreational events are planned.

The congress will be organised by the University of Tartu and the Estonian Committee of Fenno-Ugrists.

Tartu, located 186 km from Tallinn, is Estonia’s oldest town, first mentioned in 1030. The University of Tartu is among northern Europe’s oldest universities, founded in 1632 by King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden. The University currently consists of ten faculties with 15 departments, 33 institutes and 18 clinics. The University has 5 museums, a computer centre, a botanical garden and a library containing 5 million volumes. Almost 9000 students attend the university in 1998.

The congress functions will be held chiefly in university facilities. Visitors can be accommodated in hotels and university dormitories. The participation fee is US $ 200, according to the decision of ICFUC. The fee includes entrance to all congress scientific and cultural functions, as well as congress publications and other materials. Payment deadline and procedures will be announced in the 2nd circular.

The languages of the congress are customarily international: English, Russian, German and French. However, presentation in Estonian, Finnish or Hungarian is possible if a theme requires it.

Registration cards have been enclosed with this letter. We hope you will return a completed card. Please forward details of the congress and registration cards to any colleagues who has not received this letter. Thank you in advance for helping to promote the congress. Deadline for return of the registration cards is October 15, 1998.


On behalf of the organising committee with best regards

Tõnu Seilenthal Anu Nurk
Chairperson General Secretary

This circular is available in Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, English, German, Russian and French.

Ülikooli 18
EE2400 Tartu
tel.:(Int.+)372 7 375 222
fax.:(Int.+)372 7 375 222

09 Apr 1998