2nd Circular

Dear colleagues,

we are most pleased to have learnt of your interest in the Ninth International Congress for Fenno-Ugric Studies Congressus Nonus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum which will take place in Tartu August 7–13, 2000.

In the framework of the main theme of the congress,
plenary and section presentations will take place, in addition there will be special symposia, round table discussions, workshops, as well as poster sessions and cultural and recreational events. (For themes approved till now see appendix 1.)

Synopses of the papers

Please send these to the organizers by the 15th of June 1999. The synopses (1–2 pp.) should be written as shown (see appendix 2) in English, German, French or Russian. Three to five key words and a note stating the language in which the paper will be read should be added to the end of the synopsis. In the autumn of 1999 you will be notified of including your paper in the programme of congress. Synopses will only be published if the participation fee has been paid.


The congress’ working days will start with plenary presentations, to be followed by different sections (Linguistics; Ethnology and Folklore; Literature; Archaeology, Anthropology and Genetics). The excursions will take place on Thursday the 10th of August 2000.

Participation fee

The participation fee will be 200 USA dollars. It includes admittance to all the congress’ scientific and cultural events, participation in the excursion and all congressional publications and other material. For details on payment please see appendix 3; the deadline is the 31th of March 2000.
Please keep a copy of the remittance and take it with you to the congress.


The first circular was sent in the spring of 1998 to all participants of FU-8. The second circular will be sent to all those who have returned a registration card. Circulars can be ordered from the congressional secretariat, they can also be found on the congressional homepage at We hope that you will forward details of the congress to any colleagues who may have not received our circulars. Thank you in advance for helping to promote the congress!
The third circular and the invitation to the congress will be sent in the autumn of 1999 to all those who have registered.

15.06.1999 send synopses to the organizers 
autumn 1999  papers are selected; the third circular sent to all those registered 
31.03.2000 pay participation fee; final registration
07.-13.08.2000 Congressus Nonus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum


On behalf of the organizing committee
with best regards
Tõnu Seilenthal
Anu Nurk
General Secretary 

This circular is also available in Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Russian and French.