Appendix 3

Participation fee


The participation fee for Congressus Nonus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum will be 200 USA dollars. It includes the admittance to all the congress’ scientific and cultural events, the participation in an excursion and all congressional publications and other materials.

Please send your fee of 200 USA dollars (or equivalent) in total to the following account:

Beneficiary Bank: Merita Bank Ltd, Tallinn Branch, SWIFT code: MRITFIHH, in favour of MRITEE2X.

Beneficiary: Eesti Fennougristide Komitee (805688), Ülikooli 18, EE 50090, Tartu, Estonia, Account No. 17100414.

Please make sure you write the notion FU – 9 and the first and family names of the payers in the column for remarks.

For sparing excess expenses in bank transmissions we advise the participants to make a joint transaction.

The deadline is 31 March 2000. Allow us to remind you that the synopses of the congress papers will be published only if the participation fee has been paid.

Please keep a copy of the remittance and take it with you to the congress.