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The Presentation of Synopses


The synopses should be presented written on the sheet of A4 (21 ´ 29.7 cm) paper, on one side only. The margins should be as follows: Top: 2.3 cm, Bottom: 2.8 cm, Inside 3.17 cm, Outside 3.17 cm, Gutter 0 cm, Header 1.25 cm, Footer 2.3 cm. The font (Times New Roman) size should be 12 pt., except the title, whose size is 14 pt.

Line 1 – the author’s name and family name, Line 2 – the name of the city, Line 7 – the title of the synopsis. The heading of the synopses should be in Bold and with a capital initial letter. Two empty lines should be left between the title and the beginning of the text. Every paragraph of the text should be started with an interval of three spaces, there is no empty line between paragraphs. The line spacing of the text is Single. The maximum length of the synopses is 2 pages. For an emphasis Bold should be made use of, or else s p a c i n g. Underlining is not recommended. Language examples in the text should be presented in italics, and the former should be followed by a translation or explanation in the language of the synopsis between apostrophes, e.g. holnap ’tomorrow’.

The synopses should be written in English, German, French or Russian. Please send the synopses of your papers to the organizers by 15 June 1999.

It is necessary that the synopses be submitted on paper. Besides the paper copies it is advisable to submit the text saved on a PC floppy. In Tartu we use the IBM-PC compatible computers which contain Windows 98 with the alphabets of both West- and East-Europe as well as the Cyrillic alphabet. The recommendable form of editing is Word for Windows (an optional version). Likewise, the texts entered into other computers (Macintosh), based on other programmes and operational systems, will be admitted and converted for printing. The floppy should be provided with the data about the programme and the operational systems used as well as their regional settings. In addition to these, the name of the file should be submitted. The synopses can also be mailed as an Attachment, addressed fu9@ut.ee.

Three to five key words and a note stating the language in which the paper will be read should be added to the end of the synopsis. As key words we recommend to use those from Bibliographia Studiorum Uralicorum e.g. etymology, names of mushrooms, Khanty.

In the autumn of 1999 you will be notified of the acceptability of your paper in the programme of the congress. However, the synopses will only be published if the participation fee has been paid.