Biology teacher's master study

In 2012/13, there are 18 students getting their master degree in biology teaching:

1. year

täpikeKairit Kolsar - Factors influenced students attitudes towards inquiry-based learning. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeTormi Kotkas - Supervisor:
täpikePaula Solvak - Supervisor: M. Zinakov
2. year
täpikeLiis Karo-Astover - Vitamin subject in elementary and secondary school textbooks, student’s knowledge and understanding about vitamins. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar, M. Mäeots
täpikeKatrin Koit - Teachers' understandings on interdisciplinary teaching. Supervisor: K. Vaino
täpikeKülli Kori -  Applying guided reflection in a web based inquiry learning environment "Young Researcher". Supervisor: M. Mäeots
täpikeLiisa Kübar -  The effectiveness of web-based learning environment „Cell World“ in developing students’ understanding of molecular genetics. Supervisor: J. Piksööt
täpikeDagmar Lokk - The influence of 8th grade students` visual information analyzing skills on understanding natural processes by using conceptual models with worksheets. Supervisor: H.-A. Villako
täpikeLiina Luure - Comparisson of grade 9 and 12 students' interest towards science learning. Supervisor: M. Teppo
täpikeStiina Lõhmus - The use of dichotomous identification key for lichenes in school biology. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeOtt Maidre - The influence of implementing a virtual and real life learning environment on the development of students' transformative skills and field related knowledge. Supervisors: M.-I. Runnel, M. Pedaste
täpikeRita Mubarakšina - The efficiency of integrated inquiry based instruction in developing conceptual understanding of biology, chemistry and physics. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeAile Poll -Influence of different teaching and learning methods on students' motivation to learn landscapes. Supervisor: M. Teppo
täpikeMerje Punder - Teacher's understanding of the nature of science. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeTerje Põvvat - Using students conceptualisation of topic lipids as an assessment tool. Supervisor: E. Tempel
täpikeAili Reiman - The importance of reflection in learning process. Supervisor: K. Vaino
täpikeRauno Savolainen - The effect of virtual modelling on the development of students' understanding of biological processes. Supervisor: J. Piksööt
täpikeMaarja Viise - Solving dilemma problems in an online learning environment. Supervisor: H.-A. Villako
33 persons have got the master degree in biology teaching:
täpikeEvelyn Kostabi - The problems of teaching botany in Estonian schools. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeMario Mäeots - The effectiveness of learning environment "Young Scientist" in developing students' inquiry skills. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeVirgi Plaks - Science teacher's preparness for paradigmata change. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeKadi Rätsepp - The influence of the application of different forms of dynamic and static visual information on the 7th grade students' understanding on biological processes. Supervisor: T. Sarapuu
täpikeJaanika Piksööt - The effectiveness of model-based reasoning on acquiring biological processes among secondary school students. Supervisor: T. Sarapuu
täpikeEvelyn Eensoo - The influence of computer-based modelling on secondary school students' understandings on biological processes. Supervisor: T. Sarapuu
täpikeHille Arumäe - The Influence of Science-Based Models on Year Nine Students' Knowledge of Biology and on the Results of Basic School Final Exam. Supervisor: K. Adojaan
täpikeAvo Erits - Ideas on the nature of science among older students in middle school. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeEve Kasekamp - Readiness of the teachers of different subject fields to integrate the topics of environment and sustainable development into their
subject classes.
Supervisor: K. Pata, Ü. Liiber
täpikeKaja Linde - 9th form students interests in learning natural science and career priorities. Supervisor: M. Teppo
täpikeMaarja Samel - Understanding science - related stories in newspapers as an important part of scientific literacy. Supervisor: M.Rannikmäe
täpikeAnnika Lukner - Students’ and teachers’ understandings of the nature of science. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeIris Murumägi - Evaluation of applicability of an inquiry learning material in developing high school pupils’ knowledge in biology and inquiry skills. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeMarlen Tärgla - Integration of problem-based learning into teaching plans of 7th and 8th grade biology. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeKristi Adosson - Consumption of drinking water of the students of forms 9 and 12 and the factors affecting it. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar
täpikeAveliis Post - Students’, pre-service teachers’ and in-service teachers’ perceptions about creativity. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeGea Kiudorf - Students’ development of understanding about metabolistic processes using web-based models. Supervisor: T. Sarapuu
täpikeEva Liisa Orula - Pupils’ environmental knowledge about ecological footprint and interest to learn environmental topics. Supervisor: M. Teppo
täpikeEda Rohula - Students´ and teachers' opinions about reasoning and using it in science teaching. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeLaura Pürjema - Sugar subject in basic and secondary school curriculum, students’ knowledge and understandings about sugars. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar
täpikeKatri Hirv - The influence of applying conceptual models and worksheets on secondary school students' understanding of biological processes. Supervisor: J. Piksööt
täpikeLeelo Sillaots - The interest of 11th grade students towards science subjects and factors influencing it. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeAge Pork - Support mechanisms for inquiry learning in applying practical experiments. Supervisor: M. Mäeots
täpikeKristi Rikka - Supporting systems valued by teachers conducting inquiry in science lessons. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeMaili Vaher - Protein subject in basic and upper secondary school curriculum, students’ knowledge about proteins. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar
täpikeKatrin Saaremäe - Evaluating students’ interest in criteria based medicine and health related scenarios. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeMirjam Pikla - Teachers’ and students’ assessment of environmental teaching materials. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeSirje Kivil - The comparison of exercising and eating habits of Ida-Virumaa secondary school students of Estonian and Russian nationality. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar
täpikeSigrid Nuude - Fat subject in basic and secondary school curriculum, students` knowledge and understanding about fats. Supervisor: U. Kokassaar
täpikeEva Palk - The impact of learning environment to students inquiry skills. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeKadri Kiisla - Implementation of inquiry learning in school science classes. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeKerti Ait - Evaluation of competencies by students gained through science teaching. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeMari Järve - The effect of conceptual computer models on secondary school students’ coherent understanding of molecular genetic processes. Supervisor: J. Piksööt

Geography teacher's master study

In 2012/13, there are 16 students getting their master degree in geography teaching:

1. year

täpikeIngrid Grigorjeva - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeEveli Habakuk -Primary School teachers mastery to do fieldwork in geography. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeLiisa-Lota Kaivo -Basic school students mastery to do fieldwork in geography. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikePreedik Lumba - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeRainer Paenurk - Supervisor: H.A. Villako, T. Sarapuu
täpikeGedy Siimenson - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeIrene Tillart - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
2. year
täpikeMart Andresson - Developing scientific literacy in geography lessons. Supervisor: R. Soobard
täpikeMairi Anvelt - 8th Form students evaluation of textbooks maps. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeMarten Jakobson - Supervisor: T. Sarapuu
täpikeKirsti Kasemets - 7th Form students understanding of animations of geology. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeMeeri Lakson - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeLiis Lokk - Science teachers' willingness to implement the new curriculum and the elective course 'Natural-technology-society' teaching. Supervisors: A. Valdmann, M. Rannikmäe
täpikeÕie Merimaa - The development and evaluation of learning materials in geography. Supervisor: K. Vaino
täpikeKristjan Pärnamägi - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeLiina Roop - Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
16 persons have got the master degree in geography teaching:
täpikeMerili Otsa - Students' creativity in the context of geography. Supervisor: A. Laius
täpikeSilja Mall - Students mental maps of Estonia. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeKristina Villemson - The comprehensibility of the 7th grade geography textbooks climate chapter illustrations. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeRegina Soobard - The role of visual information in high school students' understanding about groundwater. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeKarin Sikkal - Climate Subject in the 7th Grade: The Impact of using Assisting Working-Sheets to Improve Low-Learners' Performance. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeTõnis Rüütel- The results of a blended learning process in acquiring knowledge in geography. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeKadri Kalda - Development of students’ transformative and regulative inquiry skills with a learning environement that integrates high school geography with a support system. Supervisor: M. Pedaste
täpikeLiselle Mürk - Opinions on Essential Competences for School Graduates According to different Expert Groups and Students. Supervisor: M. Rannikmäe
täpikeMarili Pruuns - The relevance of science education from the perspective of students from one school. Supervisor: M. Teppo
täpikeIta Ilves - Formation of students´ understanding of different agricultural areas with the support of Google Earth. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeLiisa-Lotte Aksli-Avastu - 7th grade students´ understanding of air circulation based on textbook information and pictures. Supervisor: Ü. Liiber
täpikeMaria Isabel Aro - Developing students’ inquiry skills and reflection in applying geography-related inquiry worksheets. Supervisor: M. Mäeots
täpikePiret Voivod - Inquiry Teaching in Geography Lessons. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeRaili Jahtmaa - Improving students´ knowledge in geography by using interactive teahcing simulation. Supervisor: H. A. Villako
täpikeRigne Znamenski - Elementary school science teachers readiness for inquiry learning. Supervisor: K. Kask
täpikeKadi Tamm - Environmental attitudes of students and the factors these are affected from. Supervisor: A. Laius