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"e-Learning in Science and Environmental Education"
1 – 4 October 2003  Tartu, Estonia

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 The event, promoted by the University of Tartu and the EU Socrates Minerva project e-LSEE, aims at computer and Internet supported learning of science and environmental issues in traditional school


Conference theme and target groups

The new medium provided by Information and Communication Technologies increasingly influences people in their roles as employees, consumers and citizens. A real challenge for school education is to carry into effect high motivation of pupils towards technological innovation, and couple it with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Besides of obtaining of elementary computer literacy, students increasingly use computers and Internet for learning curricula items in virtual environment.

Integrating of e-learning in school education reveals new demands on school organization, learning and teaching process and professional skills of teachers. While advanced schools use computers and Internet in everyday learning and teaching, there are several theoretical and practical questions weakly elaborated, yet. How to embed e-learning in curricula? What is appropriate share of e-learning in school? How can e-learning create additional educational values? How to organize an e-learning lesson?  What pedagogical methods are operative in e-teaching? What training do teachers need for successful e-teaching?  What virtual educational materials are most suitable for curricula teaching? How can World Wide Web be used for educational purposes? The Conference will seek answers on those and other relevant questions in dialogue of teachers and educators with researchers, e-learning experts, and producers of virtual educational materials.

While organizers of the Conference belong to the worldwide network of the GLOBE program <http://www.globe.gov>,  a specific theme of the conference is using of Internet data on Earth’s environment for e-learning in science, math and environmental education. An important goal of our conference is creating of bridges between producers of scientific Web resources and teachers who can bring the new scientific knowledge to young people.   

The Conference will focus on following topics:

·         Exploration of good practice on using virtual media in school education

·         New challenges for teachers in computer- and Internet-supported school education

·         Educational materials for e-learning and e-teaching in science, math and environment. 

·         Innovative methodological approaches supporting e-learning in school

·         Organizational arrangements necessary for integrating of e-learning in school education

·         Role of the Internet for enhancement of environmental awareness of pupils

·        Educational potential of Web-based resources on Earth.

Conference program will include plenary lectures, oral presentations, computer class workshops and social activities. 

Authors are invited to submit pre-registration form and short abstract of presentation or activity by June 15, 2003 

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