International Summer University 2015


Experience geographical variety in addition to academic diversity. We offer an outstanding selection of interdisciplinary and subject specific summer programmes with versatile content where the topics are approached with an emphasis on practical knowledge. 

Social Sciences and Business Programmes

Law and Political Sciences Programmes

Humanities and Arts Programmes

Language Programmes

University of Tartu has been organising language summer programmes since 1998 and today we offer an outstanding variety of courses on various fields. An addition to lectures and seminars we collaborate with business enterprises and governmental institutions to offer study visits that integrate academic approach and practice.

Our interdisciplinary courses with the duration of 2 to 4 weeks take place in different towns of Estonia: Tallinn – the capital, Tartu – the University town and Pärnu – a sea-side resort. This gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy and get to know the unique atmosphere of various cities. After the lectures and study visits you can enjoy medieval yet modern Tallinn, bohemian Tartu and sunny beach in Pärnu.

Even more, some of our programmes give you a possibility to see other European countries and academic culture. We have programmes organised in cooperation with our partner universities in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Riga (Latvia).

By attending our academic courses you can focus on new knowledge, ideas and experiences, but at the same time you can also benefit by taking part in a great variety of interesting cultural and social events as well as stirring study visits.

Most of the programmes take place in July and August when the summer sun is at its peak.

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