Courses Taught in English

The University of Tartu offers many English-taught courses in different disciplines for international students. Some courses are grouped into semester programmes delivered every year.

International students have to register for courses through the Study Information System (SIS) within the first two weeks of a semester. If you arrive after the registration deadline contact the dean's office of the faculty to which you are registered as a student for help with registration. Thus, later arrival does not automatically mean that there is no possibility to join courses, if there are still vacant places available. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the courses.

Academic year 2014/2015: courses taught in English
spring semester
autumn semester

Courses in languages other than English, Estonian and Russian
spring semester 2015

To get more information about a specific course, its general description and syllabus, use a numerical code for searching in the Study Information System which for general information is accessible without a username. The course code can be found in the lists above.

Assessment scale
At the University of Tartu both differentiated and non-differentiated assessment of the learning outcomes (described for courses) are being used.
Each course has a fixed assessment method, which cannot be changed in accordance to a student’ needs or wishes. Before registering to a course, get to know which assessment method a particular course has, and  consult your home university whether you can transfer the course once you get back home. If your selected UT course has an assessment method not acceptable to your home university, choose another course.

Semester programmes: autumn and spring

Students are welcome to design their own semester programmes by choosing courses from the general list given above. Still, please pay attention to a level of the course and other criteria when designing your study plan for a semester.

Baltic Sea Region Studies
Urban Planning: Changing cities and ICT
Environmental Management



Free Estonian language e-course

Keeleklikk - Estonian language for independent learning
Keeleklikk is a modern internet-based Estonian language course for beginners that is suitable for independent learners and as an additional material for students already learning Estonian at school. The course compromises of 16 Chapters (including 1200 exercises, 200 animations, 100 grammar videos). It is possible to send your homework to Estonian teachers to check the mistakes.
Currently there are 3 chapters available with instruction in English, 13 will be added during 2013-2014. All 16 chapters are available with instruction in Russian.