Mart Noorma received the Estonian Science Journalists’ Ökul Prize

This year’s Ökul Prize, granted by the Estonian Association of Science Journalists, went to physicist Mart Noorma, the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Science and Technology at UT, who was also the leader of the student satellite project ESTCube-1.

Priit Ennet, the chief of the association, gave the ceramic owl sculpture to Mart Noorma on the set of the Rakett 69 (Rocket 69) TV show.

As a judge of the popular competition show for young scientists, Mart Noorma has repeatedly made a point that in addition to smarts, knowledge, and teamwork skills, a young person has to have an X-factor to become a science superstar.

The jury agreed that Mart Noorma most definitely has the electrifying X-factor.

“With the Ökul Prize, the association thanks scientists who have shown an active and co-operative spirit while communicating with the press. In the case of Noorma, the jury highlighted that with all his many activities, Mart Noorma always appreciates the important part that the media plays in shaping attitudes”, Ennet said.

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