For active students

Tartu offers a variety of opportunities to exercise, whether you are a serious athlete or simply want to stay fit and have fun. Aura Water Center has several swimming pools, slides and saunas. There are several well-equipped gyms and fitness clubs in town that offer classes on yoga, step, aerobics, etc. Numerous tennis, badminton and squashcourts, stadiums, sports halls and bowling clubs provide opportunities for active recreation. If you prefer outdoor activities, you can take up canoeing along the river, go horseback riding or simply enjoy a walk in one of the numerous parks.


University of Tartu Academic Sports Club has been the most successful athletics club in Estonia for over 100 years. The classes take place in the University's sports buildings, such as the sports hall (Ujula St. 4), stadium and gym (Staadioni St. 21), gyms for wrestling, gymnastics and general purpose (Jakobi St. 5, Lai St. 37 and Nooruse St. 9), Emajõe rowing base (Ranna tee 1). There is also a Fitness club that offers different aerobic lessons from Zumba to Bodypump and a gym. The Club offers discounts to students. 

Have a look also at the video presentation about university's sports club (held during the orientation course in autumn 2013).

There are also many other fitness centers and sports clubs all around Tartu that you can join.

A selection of few sports clubs, gyms and other recreational possibilities:

International students are constantly organizing football and basketball trainings. They also take part in local competitions.