Study levels

Level Volume Official standard study period
Bachelor’s studies 180 ECTS 3 years
Master’s studies 120 ECTS 2 years
Doctoral studies 240 ECTS 4 years

A bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree is awarded by the university to a person who has completed the curriculum of the corresponding academic level. An academic level is a qualification of the higher education system.

Curricula with exceptional levels:

  • The curriculum of Medicine with the volume of 360 ECTS, official standard study period 6 years.
  • The curriculum of Dentistry and Pharmacy with the volume of 300 ECTS, official standard study period 5 years.

Completion of the curricula of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy corresponds to the master level education. The Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programmes are conducted on the basis of integrated bachelor’s and master’s curricula.

Students who have completed Medicine or Dentistry may continue in doctoral programmes or enter residency training to receive a qualification of specialist doctor.

Residency is a three- to five-year programme. Students who have completed the curriculum of Pharmacy may continue in a doctoral programme.

More detailed information on how teaching and study is managed at the University of Tartu is available in the document of Study Regulations