Username, E-mail, First time in SIS

  1. Username provides UT faculty members, employees, students and guests an access to the services proposed by the university. UT account binds the user’s personal data with the username and by that way grants corresponding access-privileges to the university’s info-system network.


University of Tartu uses unified accounts which means that all of the university’s networks (excl. lists) are accessable using  the same username/password combination.

UT’s useraccount is automatically created and given to every employee and student of the establishment.

The useraccount expires only once the user is no longer affiliated with University of Tartu.

Students are granted a useraccount with an expiration date of one academic year. The membership is automatically prolonged after the student has been enrolled for the next year’s curriculum.

Once the student is no longer an active undergraduate (graduation, exmatriculation, discontinuation of studies), his or her username will be valid for another 2 months after the event. He or she will be notified via an e-mail once the useraccount is inactivated. Electronic mail and files can be restored 3 months after receiving notice of closure with the assistance of an administrator. Equal time limit is set on the service for forwarding e-mails to another electronic mail address.

Data regarding discontinuation of studies will be warranted directly from the Study Info System (SIS). In an event of an incorrect notice of closure we suggest verifying from SIS if the corresponding study status in the personal data section  is set on ’yes’. Given the status is set on ’no’, one ought to contact their respective Dean’s Office administrative staff in order to correct the mistake. Once put right, the student should contact the Department of Infotechnology (Ülikooli 18a, II floor) to reactivate their account.

Employee´s useraccount will remain valid until the conclusion of employment contract with University of Tartu.

Guest’s useraccount- will remain valid until the pre-set expiration date.

  1. Mailbox will be provided to the student on request by either contacting their respective department’s administrative staff, sending an e-mail to arvutiabi [ät] ut [dot] ee or calling 737 5500.

Web environment for using e-mails:

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3. First time in SIS

 In order to login to SIS (link to SIS is also located on the upper boarder of UT’s webpage)


NB!  Changing the automatically computer generated password that comes with the username is highly recommended. (See: Password change)

 Public user has access to:

Logged-in user has access to: