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Why study folklore?

Studying folklore gives you the possibility to

  • learn to observe the vital folklore that surrounds us,
  • become aware of yourself as a bearer and transmitter of cultural memory,
  • gain new information about human creativity, folk culture and traditions,
  • think along with our teaching staff and frequent international guest lecturers,
  • answer questions as yet unanswered in folkloristics,
  • analyse the centuries-old texts held at the Estonian Folklore Archives in the light of new approaches,
  • formulate new research questions,
  • discover new folklore genres on the internet,
  • conduct fieldwork interviews and later to contemplate them,
  • learn to study cultural continuity and the diversity of cultures,
  • join other folklore and ethnology students in the Tartu NEFA group and take part in NEFA parties,
  • see the world in a new way and to perceive the connections between theory and real life,
  • sense connections, which you could not sense before university, but which are of use in later life when employed as a cultural worker, a museum worker, an academic, a teacher, or whatever you want.