Hakone VIII contributed papers

Topic 1

Fundamental problems of high pressure discharges

L1.1 G. Jouve, A. Goldman, M. Goldman and C. Severac Electrochemical phenomena at the plane electrodes of point-to-plane air corona gaps operated in glow regimes 3
L1.2 Yu.S. Akishev, A.V. Demyanov, V.B. Karal’nik, A.E. Monich and N.I. Trushkin AC barrier pin-plane corona: similarities and distinctions to DC positive and negative coronas and dielectric barrier discharge 8
L1.3 H.-E. Wagner, K.V. Kozlov, R. Brandenburg and P. Michel Experimental study of repetitive electrical breakdown in the barrier discharge in air 13
L1.4 P. Tardiveau and E. Marode Effects of dielectric droplets on point-to-plane discharge dynamics and spark formation 18
L1.5 N. Gherardi, E. Croquesel, N. Naudé, P. Veis and F. Massines Two different origins for the destabilization of a glow dielectric barrier discharge in nitrogen 23
L1.6 R. Brandenburg, K.V. Kozlov, N. Gherardi, P. Michel, C. Khampan, H.-E. Wagner and F. Massines Spatio-temporally resolved spectroscopic diagnostics of the atmospheric pressure glow discharge in nitrogen 28
L1.7 E.M. van Veldhuizen, W.R. Rutgers and U. Ebert Positive and negative pulsed corona in argon 33
L1.8 Y.-H. Kim, W.S. Kang, S.H. Hong and Y.-H. Song Comparative study of pulsed corona and dielectric barrier discharges using single-streamer modeling and NO decomposition experiment 38
L1.9 M.V. Kozlov, M.V. Sokolova, A.G. Temnikov, V.V. Timatkov and I.P. Vereshchagin Surface discharge characteristics for different types of applied voltage and different dielectric materials 43
P1.1 Yu.B. Golubovskii, V.A. Maiorov, J. Behnke and J.F. Behnke Influence of elementary processes over an homogeneous barrier discharge in helium 48
P1.2 Yu.B. Golubovskii, V.A. Maiorov, J. Behnke and J.F. Behnke. Townsend and glow modes of an homogeneous barrier discharge in helium 53
P1.3 A. Ignatkov, A. Schwabedissen, G.F. Leu and J. Engemann Studies of the atmospheric pressure jet matrix plasma source: electrical properties and discharge stability 58
P1.4 D. Trunec, R. Brandenburg, P. Michel, D. Pasedag, H.-E. Wagner and Z. Navratil Spatio-temporally resolved emission spectroscopy of the atmospheric pressure glow discharge in neon 63
P1.5 P. Slavícek, A. Brablec, M. Klíma , V. Kapicka, J.F. Behnke and M. Šícha Comparison of the barrier - torch discharge and torch discharge at atmospheric pressure 68
P1.6 N.B. Anikin, N.K. Bibinov, M. Šira and K. Wiesemann Silent discharges in helium and helium – nitrogen mixtures 73
P1.7 J. Mizeraczyk, J. Podlinski, M. Dors, M. Kocik, T. Ohkubo, S. Kanazawa and J.S. Chang Electrohydrodynamic transport of ozone in a corona radical shower non-thermal plasma reactor 78
P1.8 T. Plank, M. Aints and A. Haljaste Initiation probability of burst pulses 83
P1.9 Yu.I. Chutov, W.J. Goedheer, O.Yu. Kravchenko, O.A. Lavrov, T.E. Lisitchenko and G.I. Protas Dusty RF discharges 88
P1.10 M.S. Baranchuk, T.E. Lisitchenko and M.M. Okholin Statistical properties of electric breakdowns between glass surfaces in inert gases and their mixtures 93

Topic 2

Modeling and diagnostics

L2.1 Yu.S. Akishev, I.V. Kochetov, A.I. Loboiko and A.P. Napartovich 3-dimensional model for Trichel pulses: results of numerical studies for air 99
L2.2 J.M. Park, Y.-H. Kim and S.H. Hong Three-dimensional numerical simulations on the streamer propagation characteristics of pulsed corona discharge in a wire-cylinder reactor 104
L2.3 W.S. Kang, Y.-H. Kim, S.H. Hong and Y.-H. Song Numerical modeling on recurrence of microdischarges in dielectric barrier discharge 109
L2.4 K.V. Kozlov, N.S. Boksha, A.M. Morozov and V.G. Samoilovich Plasma diagnostics by cross-correlation spectroscopy in investigations of chemical activity of negative corona in air at atmospheric pressure 114
L2.5 A. Fateev, I. Vinogradov and A. Lunk Dynamics of the gas temperature in dielectric barrier discharge in He/N2 mixtures 119
L2.6 I. Radu, R. Bartnikas, G. Czeremuszkin and M.R. Wertheimer Diagnostics of dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure in noble gases 124
P2.1 M. Madani, A. Bogaerts, R. Gijbels and D. Vangeneugden Modelling of a dielectric barrier glow discharge at atmospheric pressure in nitrogen 130
P2.2 V. Repän, M. Laan and T. Plank Electric field modelling for point-plane gap 134
P2.3 M. Magureanu, M. Heintze and M. Kettlitz OES investigations of a pulsed microwave plasma used for methane conversion to C2 hydrocarbons 139
P2.4 H. Nowakowska, J. Stanco, M. Dors and J. Mizeraczyk Modeling of plasma chemistry in a corona streamer pulse series in air 144
P2.5 S. Baba, S. Satoh and C. Yamabe Development of measurement equipment of ozone half life 148
P2.6 V.I. Gibalov, T. Murata and G.J. Pietsch Parameters of barrier discharges in coplanar arrangements 153

Topic 3

Molecular synthesis and decomposition

L3.1 J. Janca, M. Eliáš and V. Brožek Low temperature reduction of tungsten precursors in RF discharge plasma reactors 161
L3.2 B. Pietruszka and M. Heintze Plasma-promoted partial oxidation of methane to syngas over a-alumina supported nickel catalyst in dielectric-barrier discharge 166
L3.3 M. Dhainaut, E. Odic, M. Goldman, A. Goldman and C. Karimi Dependence of the oxidation properties of a dielectric barrier discharge in air on the plasma and gas temperatures 171
P3.1 J.-M. Cormier, I. Rusu and M. Dudemaine On a new magnetic blow out glidarc reactor 176
P3.2 K. Krawczyk, J. Ruszniak, J. Sentek and K. Schmidt-Szalowski Acetylene from methane by gliding arc processing 181
P3.3 K. Krawczyk and M. Wieczorkowski Studies of nitrous oxide conversion in gliding arc discharges 186
P3.4 A. Opalska, T. Opalinska, J. Polaczek and P. Ochman Plasma-induced decomposition of chlorodifluoromethane 191
P3.5 T. Kappes, W. Schiene and T. Hammer Energy balance of a dielectric barrier discharge reactor for hydrocarbon steam reforming 196
P3.6 M. Heintze and M. Magureanu Efficient methane conversion to acetylene in a microwave plasma 201
P3.7 M. Miclea, K. Kunze, J. Franzke, F. Leis, K. Niemax, C. Penache, O. Hohn, S. Schössler, T. Jahnke, A. Bräuning-Demian and H. Schmidt – Böcking Decomposition of halogenated molecules in a micro-structured electrode glow discharge at atmospheric pressure 206

Topic 4

Ozone generation and applications

L4.1 S. Kaneda, M. Shimosaki, N. Hayashi, S. Ihara, S. Satoh and C. Yamabe Ozone production by an atmospheric pulsed discharge with pre-ionization electrodes and partly covered electrode 213
L4.2 K. Yasuoka, Y. Endo and S. Ishii Experimental study on ozone generation using DC driven micro- plasma 217
L4.3 R. Peyrous Possibility of improvement of ozone production by using the back-corona effect 222
L4.4 A.B. Saveliev and G.J. Pietsch On the structure of dielectric barrier surface discharges 229
L4.5 G.J. Pietsch and C. Humpert Discharge mechanism and ozone generation by surface discharges depending on polarity 234
L4.6 J. Ozonek, K. Jaholkowski, I. Pollo and S. Okazaki Operation conditions in an ozonizer containing a wire packing 239
P4.1 Y. Miyake, Y. Ehara, H. Kishida and T. Ito Generation of ozonized water by surface discharge 244
P4.2 H. D. Stryczewska and T. Janowski Reactive power of the ozone generators 249
P4.3 T. Opalinska Cold plasma reactor with dielectric barrier discharge 254
P4.4 L. Hulka and G. J. Pietsch On the ignition voltage and structure of coplanar barrier discharges 259
P4.5 T. Horinouchi, T. Hayashi and N. Nakajima Development of a new type ozoniser with rotating electrode 264
P4.6 S. Jodzis Application of surface discharges in electroplasma ozone synthesis 269

Topic 5

Generation of radiation in high pressure discharges

L5.1 A. Treshchalov, A. Lissovski and E. Chikeev Spectroscopic diagnostics of high-current discharges in UV-VUV excimer lasers 277
P5.1 M. Aints, A. Haljaste and L. Roots Photoionizing radiation of positive corona in moist air, (REVISED 31.03.2008) , ORIGINAL article 282
P5.2 M. Laan and J. Raud HF capillary discharge: distribution of radiation along electrodes 286
P5.3 A. Treshchalov, E. Jalviste, A. Smerechuk, G. Gerasimov, R. Hallin and A. Arnesen VUV emission of Kr2 molecules under high-current sliding discharge excitation 291
P5.4 A. Khacef, J.M. Cormier, J.M. Pouvesle, O. Gorce, H. Jurado, C. Thomas, G. Djéga-Mariadassou, S. Calvo and Y. Lendresse Plasma-catalyst system for NOx remediation in simulated lean exhaust 296

Topic 6

Environmental applications

L6.1 M. Kogoma, T. Abe and K. Tanaka PFCs abatement system by the atmospheric pressure glow plasma 303
L6.2 D. Moussa, H. Vitrac, B.G. Chéron, E. Hnatiuc, A. Addou and J.L. Brisset Acidity control of the oxidation reactions induced by non-thermal plasma treatment of aqueous effluents in pollutant abatement processes 308
L6.3 A.T. Appleton, P. Lukes, W.C. Finney and B.R. Locke Study of the effectiveness of different hybrid pulsed corona reactors in degrading aqueous pollutants 313
L6.4 S.A. Nair, A.J.M. Pemen, K. Yan, E.J.M. van Heesch, K.J. Ptasinski and A.A.H. Drinkenburg Chemical processes during biogas conditioning by pulsed corona discharges 318
L6.5 R. Rudolph, K.-P. Francke and H. Miessner Determination of OH radical concentration in dielectric barrier discharges by CO oxidation 323
L6.6 J. Pawlat, C. Yamabe and I. Pollo Foaming apparatus as oxidants’ generator 327
L6.7 Y. Yoshioka and K. Teshima Calculation of NOx removal process taking pulse micro-discharge and diffusion of radicals into consideration 332
L6.8 E.A. Filimonova, R.H. Amirov, S.H. Hong, Y.H. Kim and Y.H. Song Influence of temperature and hydrocarbons on removal of NOx and SO2 in a diesel exhaust gas activated by pulsed corona discharge 337
P6.1 R. Vertriest, R. Morent, J. Dewulf, C. Leys and H. Van Langenhove Removal of trichloroethylene with a DC-excited multi-pin-to-plate plasma source 342
P6.2 G. Penghui, N. Hayashi, S. Ihara S. Satoh and C. Yamabe Studies on an AC/DC combination discharge mode for NOx treatment 347
P6.3 N. Hayashi, K. Yamamoto, S. Ihara, S. Satoh and C. Yamabe Treatment of fluorocarbon using atmospheric non-thermal plasma produced by streamer corona discharge 351
P6.4 S. Dupré, C. Deniset, A. Goldman, M. Goldman and E. Marode Main oxidation processes and their relative contributions in the NO removal by a dielectric barrier discharge for air cleaning 355
P6.5 J. Hong, S. Kim, K. Lee, K. Lee, J.J. Choi and Y.-K. Kim PFC decomposition with atmospheric pressure microwave plasma using resonant and non-resonant structure 360
P6.6 N. Jidenko, M. Petit and J.P. Borra Volatile organic compounds depollution by dielectric barrier discharge in porous media 364
P6.7 M.J. Kirkpatrick, W.C. Finney and B.R. Locke Chlorinated organic compound removal by gas phase pulsed streamer corona electrical discharge with reticulated vitreous carbon electrodes 369
P6.8 M. Sahni, W.C. Finney, R.J. Clark, W. Landing and B.R. Locke Degradation of aqueous phase trichloroethlyene using pulsed corona discharge 374
P6.9 E. Hnatiuc, B. Cheron, B. Hnatiuc, R. Burlica and J.L. Brisset Cold plasma electrochemical reactor with rotary discharge 379

Topic 7

Surface processing and technology (cleaning, coating, etching, modification, equipment)

L7.1 O. Goossens, D. Vangeneugden, S. Paulussen and E. Dekempeneer Physical and chemical properties of atmospheric pressure plasma polymer films 385
L7.2 C. Penache, S. Datta, S. Mukhopadhyay, A. Bräuning-Demian, P. Joshi, O. Hohn, S. Schössler, T. Jahnke and H. Schmidt-Böcking Large area surface modification induced by parallel operated MSE sustained glow discharges 390
L7.3 S. Vladimirov and K. Ostrikov Nano- and micro-particles in low-temperature plasmas: occurrence, dynamic processes, and applications 395
P7.1 S. Guimond, I. Radu, G. Czeremuszkin and M.R. Wertheimer Modification of polyolefins in nitrogen atmospheric pressure glow discharges 400
P7.2 P. Paris, M. Laan and H. Valtna Laser ablation and aerosol particles 405
P7.3 J.F. Behnke, H. Steffen, A. Sonnenfeld, R. Foest, V. Lebedev and R. Hippler Surface modification of aluminium by dielectric barrier discharges under atmospheric pressure 410
P7.4 Z. Rzanek-Boroch, K. Schmidt-Szalowski, J. Janowska, K.Dudzinski, A. Szymanska and M. Misiak Thin films obtained by PE-CVD method from hexamethyldisiloxane under atmospheric pressure 415
P7.5 T. Opalinska, B. Ulejczyk, L. Karpinski and K. Schmidt-Szalowski Deposition of thin films on polycarbonates by pulse dielectric barrier discharge 420
P7.6 P. St'ahel, J. Janca and D.P. Subedi Surface modification of non-fabricated polypropylene textile in low-temperature plasma at atmospheric pressure 425
P7.7 S. Ono, S. Teii and S. Takayama Surface treatment of plastic film by using an atmospheric pressure corona torch 431
P7.8 K. Tanaka and M. Kogoma Deposition of multi-layer films of hexafluoropropene - ethylene composite polymer with jet-type plasma reactor at atmospheric pressure 436
P7.9 A. Goodwin, T. Herbert, S. Leadley and F. Swallow Atmospheric pressure liquid deposition – a new route to high performance coatings 441


Late papers

P8.1 K. Teranishi, S. Suzuki and H. Itoh Light emission from gas discharge and fluorescent plate excited by piezoelectric transformer a
P8.2 Justyna Jaroszynska-Wolinska, Mariusz Wronski, Janusz Ozonek and Iwo Pollo Efficiency of an ozone synthesis process realized in ozonizers of various high-voltage inner electrode designs a

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