Hakone VIII

Eighth International Symposium on High Pressure,
Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry

July 21- 25, 2002

Pühajärve, Estonia

Second Announcement

The Organizing Committee of HAKONE VIII has the pleasure to invite you to attend the Eighth International Symposium on High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry, which will be held from July 21, 2002 to July 25, 2002 by the University of Tartu at Pühajärve, Estonia.

General Information

HAKONE VIII will follow along the lines of the previous meetings of the HAKONE series. This meeting provides for participants the opportunity to present the progress in their work on chemical and physico-chemical phenomena in plasma of high pressure discharges, and to discuss related problems of current interest in theory, experiment and applications of high pressure, low temperature plasma chemistry.


The Gas Discharges Laboratory (GDL) of the Institute of Experimental Physics and Technology of the University of Tartu is the organizer of this symposium.


The venue for HAKONE VIII is the Pühajärve Hotel situated on the beautiful bank of Pühajärve Lake (Holy Lake) about 3 km from Otepää and 50 km from Tartu . The nearest international airport and harbor are in Tallinn , in the capital of Estonia. Tartu is situated 185 km southeast from Tallinn. Frequent bus connection exists between Tallinn and Tartu.

All actual symposium activities and events will take place under the same roof in the Pühajärve Hotel. The participants of the symposium will be accommodated in the same hotel.


The symposium sessions will start on Monday, July 22, 2002, in the morning and will end on Thursday, July 25, 2002 at noon. Registration and welcome of participants are scheduled on Sunday evening, July 21, 2002.


The working language of the meeting will be English. No translations will be provided. All printed matter will appear in English.

International Scientific and Organizing Committee

  • Brisset, J.-L. (Laboratoire d’Electrochimie Interfaciale et Chimie Analytique, FRANCE)
  • Herbert, T. (Plasma Ireland Ltd., IRELAND)
  • Ito, T. (Musashi Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
  • Janèa, J. (Masaryk University of Brno,CZECH REPUBLIC)
  • Kogelschatz, U. (ABB Corporate Research Ltd., SWITZERLAND)
  • Kozlov, K. V. (Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
  • Pietsch, G. (RWTH Aachen, GERMANY)
  • Pollo, I. (The Private University of Environmental Protection, Radom, POLAND;

  •               Technical University of Lublin, POLAND)
  • Rea, M. (University of Padova, ITALY)
  • Sakai, T. (Musashi Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
  • Skalny, J. D. (Comenius University of Bratislava, SLOVAKIA)
  • Wagner, H.-E. (University of Greifswald, GERMANY)
  • Yamabe, C. (Saga University, JAPAN)



    Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

  • Aaviksoo, J. (Chairman of the LOC)
  • Laan, M. (Vice-chairman)
  • Haljaste, A. (Secretary)
  • Aints, M.
  • Korge, H.
  • Paris, P.
  • Plank, T.



    Symposium Topics

    The scientific program will cover most aspects of high pressure (typically 1 bar), low temperature plasma chemistry. Preliminary list of subjects and planned sessions includes the following topics:

    1. Fundamental problems of high pressure discharges.
    2. Modeling and diagnostics.
    3. Molecular synthesis and decomposition.
    4. Ozone generation and applications.
    5. Generation of radiation in high pressure discharges.
    6. Environmental applications.
    7. Surface processing and technology (cleaning, coating, etching and modification, equipment).
    Symposium Format

    The format of HAKONE VIII follows that of the previous symposiums. There will be no parallel sessions. The contributions will be presented either in an oral session or in a poster session. Final acceptance of the oral presentations occurs in view of authors' preferences after reviewing all the papers by LOC. Authors will be notified of the acceptance for oral or poster sessions by May 15, 2002. Details on the poster presentation area will be given in the final announcement.

    Call for Papers

    Authors of accepted abstracts are requested to submit their papers as camera-ready electronic files by March 30, 2002 for publication in the symposium proceedings and on Internet. Papers must be written in English and they must not exceed five A4 pages (including figures). Authors are encouraged to submit their papers preferably in PDF format. PS, DOC and RTF formats will be accepted as alternatives. Authors can find detailed instructions for the preparation of camera ready manuscripts in the Preparation Guide and Sample Format of Symposium Papers. As the sample of a paper, the Guide incorporates most features of a paper and demonstrates what it should look like for publishing in the Symposium Proceedings. This Guide is attached to the Second Announcement and can be found on the symposium homepage in both DOC and PDF format. NB! If you print the sample PDF files, do not select the boxes "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" or "Expand small pages to paper size" in the Print dialog box. Selection of these boxes will result in wrong formatting of hard copies.

    All authors who have access to MS Word 97 are highly recommended to use the template of symposium papers available for download on the symposium homepage. That template facilitates the manuscript preparation according to the required styles and format. Instructions on the use of the template can be found along with the template.

    Submission in PDF format is the preferred and faster option, because the PDF files will be used by the publisher directly without change in the production process of the symposium proceedings. Camera-ready submissions in PS, DOC or RTF will be converted into PDF format by the LOC but this might result in slight loss of resolution and possible misprints. To minimize the possible changes during the conversion of the paper file into PDF format, insert the figures into your document as Tagged Image File Format (.tif) images at 300 dpi resolution as the minimum.

    We strongly encourage all authors to preview and check their papers before submission carefully, because the symposium organizers will publish the accepted papers as they are prepared by authors, without any editing for spelling, grammar and formatting. The symposium organizers reserve the right not to publish papers that do not meet the requirements pointed out here and in the Preparation Guide of Symposium Papers.

    A paper must be submitted to the LOC in electronic form by e-mail (hakone8@ut.ee) as a single attachment file. Name the file as follows: [Surname of the first author]_[number of the paper if you submit several papers of the same first author].[file extension]

    Example: Armstrong_2.pdf

    File names must have standard extensions, i.e., .pdf for Portable Document Format, .ps for PostScript, .doc for MS Word, and .rtf for Rich Text Format.

    You may compress files using .zip, .arj or .tar file format.

    Please send only one attached file (one paper) with each e-mail message. Please send your paper in one version only: do not submit them in multiple formats!

    The receipt of papers will be acknowledged by e-mail.

    An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the symposium fee is paid before March 30, 2002 at least for one of the authors of the paper. One author registration will guarantee publication of up to two accepted papers; each additional accepted paper with the same registration will require a printing contribution of 50 EUR.

    Please indicate in the Final Registration Form the number of the topic that is most closely related to your paper.

    Accepted papers in PDF format will be available also at the symposium homepage. If you do not acquiesce in electronic publication of your paper before the opening of the symposium, you have to indicate your refusal in the Final Registration Form.

    It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the publication of their paper in Contributed Papers of the Symposium and on the Symposium Website does not violate any copyright terms.


    All accepted papers will be printed in two volumes of Contributed Papers of HAKONE VIII. The Symposium Proceedings will be distributed to the symposium participants at the registration desk.

    Symposium Fee

    Before March 30, 2002
    After March 30, 2002
    Regular participant accommodated in a double room
    300 EUR
    330 EUR
    Regular participant accommodated in a double room for single use
    360 EUR
    400 EUR
    Full time student
    230 EUR
    250 EUR
    Accompanying person
    230 EUR
    250 EUR
    Publication fee of the 3rd paper
    50 EUR

    All prices include the VAT.

    The symposium fees A and B for regular participants will cover symposium participation and proceedings, accommodation in Pühajärve Hotel (four nights), full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, conference dinner, and excursion.

    Symposium fee C for full time students will cover the same services as the regular fee does, except the proceedings. An official letter signed by an authorized representative of the student's university should validate the full time student status. This letter will be required at the time of registration.

    Fee D for accompanying persons will cover accommodation in Pühajärve Hotel (four nights), full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), welcome cocktail and conference dinner, excursions.

    The symposium fee should be paid through a bank by bank transfer in EUR only. The remitter must carry all bank charges and the LOC must receive the full net fee; otherwise, the LOC will request you to balance your account at registration. No publication and registration without payment will be considered. Bank transfer details are as follows:

    Payment to: University of Tartu

    Account no: 10102000234007

    Reference: SFKEF (add here in parentheses your name and the remark "Symposium fee")

    Bank: Union Bank of Estonia

    Bank address: Branch of Tartu, Küüni 9, 50099 Tartu, ESTONIA

    SWIFT code: EEUHEE2X

    In the bank transfer at Reference line, please indicate your name (or names, if the payment by a single bank transfer is made for several persons) and add the remark "Symposium fee". Ensure that the total transferred corresponds to the sum of symposium fees of all individuals (including a possible publication fee for an additional paper).

    To avoid possible misunderstandings at the registration desk, all symposium participants are recommended to have a copy of the bank transfer as a proof of payment.

    Please indicate in the Final Registration Form the date of payment (bank transfer).


    Participants of the symposium will be accommodated in double rooms of the same hotel where the meeting takes place. A limited number of double rooms for single use are available. Preliminary information about demand for single accommodation revealed that symposium organizers are able to accept most of submitted requests. Nevertheless, the participants are kindly requested to bear in mind the well-known principle "First paid, first served".


    The symposium fees do not include provisions for the insurance of participants or their accompanying guests against personal injuries, sickness, theft or property damage. This also applies to any event during the symposium period. Participants and accompanying guests are advised to arrange for insurance that they consider necessary.

    Health Insurance

    Symposium participants and accompanying guests are not covered by the Estonian Compulsory Health Insurance Scheme. It is therefore recommended that participants arrange their own health and accident insurance in their home country through a local travel agent or medical association.

    Currency and Money Exchange

    The Estonian currency is the Estonian Kroon (EEK). 1 EUR is equivalent to 15.64664 EEK (fixed rate). The exchange rate of USD is 17.75 EEK to 1 USD (January 2002 rate). Traveller's cheques can be cashed at banks. Banks are closed on Sundays. Automated Teller Bank Machines are accessible twenty-four hours in day. They accept Visa and EuroCard/MasterCard credit cards to handle cash.


    Please check your visa requirements. Visas to enter Estonia are not required from citizens of the European Union Member States, Australia, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic, Swiss Confederation, USA etc. Citizens of Canada with a visa to visit Latvia or Lithuania do not need a separate visa for Estonia. For full list and detailed information, please visit the web site of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    At the arrival in Estonia, you must hold an internationally valid passport accepted in Estonia, or some other travel document valid as a passport, and a visa in it, if required. Participants who need a visa to enter Estonia should contact nearest Estonian Embassy or a Consulate well in advance of the Symposium dates. These participants should also complete in the Final Registration Form their date of birth and the country, where they will apply for the visa. As a letter of invitation may be required for the visa procedure, please indicate in the Final Registration Form, if you need this letter. If requested, the organizers will provide an official invitation after the symposium fee is paid. Please note that visa shall be issued into a passport, which has at least two empty pages and is valid at least three months after the expiration of the visa. The applicant of a visa shall present to the Estonian representation abroad an application followed by a passport, a photo, an invitation letter in original, and a health insurance policy valid in Estonia with a coverage of at least 160,000 EEK (10,226 EUR) for the entire duration of stay in Estonia. Visa Application Forms you can find and download on Internet. A visa application followed by all required additional documents will be checked and a decision about issuing or refusing the visa will be made within 10 working days counting from the receipt of the visa application. Nevertheless, participants requiring a visa for entry into Estonia are strongly advised to apply for the appropriate visa at least 3 months before the date of the symposium.

    For those participants in who's country is no Estonian Representation, the LOC recommends on their journey to Estonia to foresee an intermediate stop in some country with which their country has concluded a visa free travel agreement and in which an Estonian ambassador or consul is residing. In this case, the early contact with the suitable Estonian Embassy or Consulate would be very useful to learn from officials the concrete regulations. To find the appropriate Estonian Representation, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, please refer to the List of Estonian Representations around the word.

    More details about visa regulation you can find in consular information of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please do not hesitate to contact the LOC, if you have further questions or problems with your visa.

    Travel Information

    The closest airport to Tartu is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Direct flights to Tallinn are available from Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kiev, London, Moscow, Riga, Stockholm, Vienna, Vilnius and Warsaw. For more detailed information please visit homepages of the Tallinn Airport and Estonian Air. In planning your journey, consulting the flight schedules is highly recommended, because the direct connections operate only on specific weekdays.

    From Helsinki and Stockholm, there is also a ferry connection to Tallinn. It is especially frequent from Helsinki. Planning your route through Helsinki will not add much to the total duration of your trip.

    Direct coach lines connect Tallinn to Cologne (Köln), Kaliningrad, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, Munich (München), St. Petersburg, Stuttgart and Warsaw. Due to the relatively short distance, coach trips from Riga and St. Petersburg are good alternatives to air traveling. Both cities have direct connection to Tartu.

    The distance between Tallinn and Tartu is 185 km. Frequent express coaches pass this distance in 2.5 hours. Special buses for the symposium participants will be running between Tartu and Pühajärve during the Symposium.

    Rental of a car is possible both in Tallinn and in Tartu. The cars are 1-5 years old. The cost of rent amounts from 165 EUR/week for small cars up to 855 EUR/week for Mercedes-Benz E200K. These prices include free mileage, traffic insurance and VAT 18%. The prices do not include expenses on petrol. Online booking is possible. You can check up on one of your possible partners here.


    The Final Registration Form in Rich Text Format will be distributed electronically with the second announcement as an attached file FinalRegform.rtf. As a convenient alternative, the Final Registration Form can be filled in and sent to the LOC via web.

    In order to register to the Symposium, please pay the symposium fee by bank transfer, complete the Final Registration Form and send it to the LOC. Please do not forget to indicate the payment date in the Registration Form. Your registration will be conformed within a week by e-mail, provided your symposium fee has reached the symposium account. No registration without payment (or information concerning payment) will be considered.

    Cancellation and Substitution Policy

    If you will be unable to attend the symposium, you can make a substitution at no extra charge. All the substitutions will be accepted by the LOC upon the coming in of a written request.

    Please submit cancellations in writing to the LOC. In case of cancellation before April 30, the amount already paid will be refunded, except for 50 EUR, retained by LOC as fee. In case of cancellation after April 30, all refunding requests will be submitted for LOC approval.

    Important Dates
    March 30, 2002 - Deadline for paper submission and symposium fee payment for the paper to be published
    May 15,  2002 - Third announcement
    June 15,  2002 - Final announcement
    July 21-25,  2002 - Symposium

    Further Information

    For further information, please visit the symposium web site where the whole important information about the symposium will be presented. Those who have pre-registered or have sent abstracts to the LOC will be informed by occasional e-mail notification about most important news.

    All inquiries and correspondence should be addressed to:

    Dr. Ants Haljaste
    Institute of Experimental Physics and Technology
    University of Tartu
    Tähe 4
    51010 Tartu

    Phone: +372 7 375 565; +372 7 375 564
    Fax: +372 7 375 858
    E-mail: hakone8@ut.ee

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