Hortus Semioticus is an online journal for the semiotic research of a new generation. The goals of the journal - to publish student research - imply many of the things that gardens are about: freshness, growth, blooming and cultivation. The driving force behind the journal is curiosity and the joy of inquiry, as its authors have yet to switch on their academic autopilots: there are only a few things that are considered as common sense. This is what distinguishes Hortus Semioticus from its more traditional academic counterparts, and it is our hope that the seeds of student research serve to enrich the semiotic landscape with new topics and fields of research, provide new articulations and to widen, perhaps, also its scope.


Anti Saar

The book was written at a tempo approaching the speed of light (300 000 km/sec). Reading it at an average speed of 2 pages per minute takes about 600 minutes, or approximately 10 hours. This is more or less the time it takes for a Boeing 747 to fly from Paris to New York, from Tallinn to Nairobi, from Kiev to Vladivostok, or from Bogota to Casablanca.

By traversing the book as the crow flies (i.e. line by line, without paying close attention to the curves of the letters), the reader must cover roughly 1,5 km. The distance to be covered in a diagonal reading is calculable using the Pythagorean Theorem in the form of the equation:x = n√a²+b², where a and b are the height and width of the page and n the number of pages in the book.

The reading time includes one strong meal; coffee, tea and soft drinks are served on demand. Food is not included in the price of the book, nor can it be found between its pages. Yesterday’s fish cutlets are in the pantry, bottom shelf. Steamed vegetables, rice or French fries can be ordered separately. Beware of excessive gorging at the cost of reading.