Hortus Semioticus is an online journal for the semiotic research of a new generation. The goals of the journal - to publish student research - imply many of the things that gardens are about: freshness, growth, blooming and cultivation. The driving force behind the journal is curiosity and the joy of inquiry, as its authors have yet to switch on their academic autopilots: there are only a few things that are considered as common sense. This is what distinguishes Hortus Semioticus from its more traditional academic counterparts, and it is our hope that the seeds of student research serve to enrich the semiotic landscape with new topics and fields of research, provide new articulations and to widen, perhaps, also its scope.


This special issue of Hortus Semioticus is a collection of papers from the postgraduate workshop „Intermediality and Storytelling” (Tartu, October 17-19, 2008). The authors approach the issues of intermediality, mediation and storytelling from dif

ferent theoretical perspectives, drawing on recent developments in narratology, film theory and culture studies. Along with the papers by young scholars, we publish the interview with Distinguished Humanities Professor Brian McHale (The Ohio State University) who attended the workshop as a honorable guest and delivered a public lecture entitled “Narrativity and Segmentivity, or, Poetry in the Gutter”.

Editors' foreword
On the Obligation toward the Difficult Whole. The interview with Brian McHale, Distinguished Humanities Professor (The Ohio State University)

Olga Anissimova

The Contents and Contexts of the Three Adaptations of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

Maria Mäkelä
The Dark and Darker Sides of Bill Clinton: An intermedial reading of consciousness representation and some remarks on multiply mediated experientiality

Katre Pärn

Adaptation of Text as Adaptation of Language: the problem of formalistic adaptation and beyond

Tytti Rantanen
Gazing Me, Gazing You. Narrativity, visuality and the questions of power and desire in Marguerite Duras' Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein and India Song

Maarja Saldre

On Transmedial Emptybeach

Maria Seppänen
Time and Eternity of the Body. The Temporality of commercial pictures as a narrative category

Katre Väli

Narrative Construction in Poetry Theatre