Hortus Semioticus is an online journal for the semiotic research of a new generation. The goals of the journal - to publish student research - imply many of the things that gardens are about: freshness, growth, blooming and cultivation. The driving force behind the journal is curiosity and the joy of inquiry, as its authors have yet to switch on their academic autopilots: there are only a few things that are considered as common sense. This is what distinguishes Hortus Semioticus from its more traditional academic counterparts, and it is our hope that the seeds of student research serve to enrich the semiotic landscape with new topics and fields of research, provide new articulations and to widen, perhaps, also its scope.

» Hortus Semioticus 1 (2006)

» Hortus Semioticus 2 (2007)

» Hortus Semioticus 3 (2008)


This, the fourth Hortus Semioticus, includes several cultural semiotic studies, which have been completed for lectures on semiotics of advertising and marketing, semiotics of self and other, and semiotics of film.

The articles are supported by several regular features: the interview with professor John Deely about semioethics; "Meditationes Semioticae" by Morten Tønnessen; and an overview of the seminar, bachelor's and master's papers defended during the 2008/2009 academic year.

Mari-Liis Madisson
The aspect of deterrence in commercials (Abstract)

Laura Põld

Depicting women and "erotica" in the art of advertising (Abstract)

Peeter Kormašov
About the complexity of self and other in the war literature (Abstract)

Kristjan Tamm

The Own and the Alien in Arvo Pärt's «Credo» (Abstract)

Henri Kõiv

Cognitive Film Theory by the Example of «Dead Man» (Abstract)

Kristo Nurmis
Social and political space-time in Michael Haneke's «Cache» (Abstract)




Morten Tønnessen


Student research papers in 2008/2009: master and bachelor thesis, seminar papers (in Estonian)