Hortus Semioticus is an online journal for the semiotic research of a new generation. The goals of the journal - to publish student research - imply many of the things that gardens are about: freshness, growth, blooming and cultivation. The driving force behind the journal is curiosity and the joy of inquiry, as its authors have yet to switch on their academic autopilots: there are only a few things that are considered as common sense. This is what distinguishes Hortus Semioticus from its more traditional academic counterparts, and it is our hope that the seeds of student research serve to enrich the semiotic landscape with new topics and fields of research, provide new articulations and to widen, perhaps, also its scope.

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In the beginning of the longed for spring of the year 2010, we are still talking about the crisis and economic recession of the years 2008 and 2009. The aftershocks of the crisis are pretty frightening, the number of unemployed is growing, the economic and political backbones of the country are shattered, and people are yearning for changes. These changes can be either realistic or illusional, but either are tempting, in the hope of returning to the previous well-being. The current, fifth issue of Hortus Semioticus is dealing with different kinds of crises around us, expanding upon the shifts and changes in the socio-political landscape.

Tanel Pern
Crisis from the perspective of semiotics of history (Abstract)
Riin Magnus
How to explain away the ecological crisis? (Abstract)
Tiit Remm
Crisis as a self-descriptive chronotope. The crisis of the Bronze Soldier (Abstract)
Priit Põhjala
The representations of crisis and its solutions in advertisements (Abstract)
Katre Väli
Case–study of a political success due to economic and political crisis (Abstract)
Eva Lepik
Personification of crisis (Abstract)
Mihkel Truup
Quasi-manifestations of economical crisis (Abstract)
Eva Lepik, Riin Magnus, Tanel Pern, Priit Põhjala, Katre Pärn, Tiit Remm, Katre Väli

Katre Pärn
OVERVIEWS (in Estonian)