Riin Magnus
University of Tartu, Department of Semiotics


In the article I analyse three types of explanations that are commonly used to explain the ecological crisis. At first, I will take a look at the strategies whereby the presence of the ecological crisis is denied; secondly tracing the historical roots of the crisis is taken under observation, and finally the existential philosphical reasoning, touching upon human nature, is reflected upon. While concluding that there is no dialogue between those explanation schemes at the moment, I’ll enquire, whether putting them into a transdisciplinary framework may provide a ground for that. In addition, I’ll point to those principles of transdisciplinarity, that may help to encompass local knowledge on a par with scientific understanding while tackling ecological problems, to combine social questions with ecological ones and to bring the ones who centre on solving the problems together with those who are tracing the sources of ecological crisis.

Keywords: ecological crisis, environmental philosophy, transdisciplinarity