Tiit Remm
University of Tartu, Department of Semiotics


Crisis can be considered as a model in self-descriptions that could be used to conceptualise specific phenomena, or one’s own society as a whole. Whereas the word ‘crisis’ might refer to some situation of the society, a closer look at the concept reveals an idea of dynamics that results in the crisis. Every social phenomenon is related to certain spatio-temporal contexts, and moreover, the specific ways of conceptualisation of each involves specific organisation of space and time. These characteristics are expressed in verbal texts and their spatio-temporal meta-language, as well as in the choice of landscape views illustrating the social issue. Starting from the notion of crisis-chronotope by M. Bakhtin (Bahtin 1987) I develop an analysis of ‘crisis’ as a model in self-descriptions and its use in Bronze Soldier affair in Estonia.

Keywords: self-description, chronotope, crisis, space and time, the Bronze Soldier