Selected Lexicon of American-Estonian Legal Terminology

Ameerika õigusterminoloogia valiksõnastik

The following abridged lexicon of American legal terminology is derived from instructional materials used in the presentation of an elective course for third year law students at the University of Tartu, entitled "American Legal Terminology." The course is intended as a basic introduction into concepts and terminology likely to be encountered when Estonian jurists engage in discourse with foreign colleagues in the english language. Thus, the course syllabus limits its focus to contracts, transactions, and dispute resolution in a multinational setting.

The course is taught as a module of ten lectures with each lecture dedicated to a discrete topic. The individual topics covered are, in order: civil procedure, discovery, evidence, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, damages, contracts, warranties, mortgages and secured transactions, escrow, and licensing. The following lexicon is structured in the same format; thus, the reader is urged to consider the definitions offered within the context of each section heading. For ease of use, however, alphabetical indexes in both Estonian and English are also provided.

This project was funded by the Open Estonia Foundation, whose generous support has made these materials possible.

I Civil Procedure Tsiviilprotsess
II Discovery Tuvastamine
III Evidence Tõend, tunnistus
IV Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Arbitraazh (vahekohus) ja alternatiivne (kohtuväline) vaidluste lahendamine
V Damages Kahjutasu, hüvitis
VI Contracts Lepingud
VII Warranties Garantii, tagatis
VIII Mortgages and Security Interests Hüpoteegid ja pandiõigus
IX Escrow Deponeerimine, deponeerimisleping
X Licenses Litsents, ametlik luba, tunnistus
Alphabetical List of Included Terminology Terminite tähestikuline register

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