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An international online journal of the classics and the humanities
Vol. 10 (2009)

Section A (classical studies and ancient history)
10.A.1. Francis X. RYAN
Die Stromnai des Polykrates von Samos
Read (PDF version) [8 pages, 219 KB] · Abstract · E-mail the author
10.A.2. Thomas GÄRTNER
Esel und Rinder. Mythologische Paradigmata im Schlußteil der Metamorphosen des Apuleius
Read (PDF version) [8 pages, 222 KB] · Abstract · E-mail the author
10.A.3. Christian LAES
What could Marcus Aurelius feel for Fronto?
Read (PDF version) [7 pages, 189 KB] · Abstract · E-mail the author
10.A.4. Christian ZGOLL
Ilia und Anio bei Ovid, Amores 3.6: eine amphibolische Vermählung
Read (PDF version) [49 pages, 655 KB] · Abstract · E-mail the author

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Section R (book reviews)
See book reviews in 2009 · ISSN 1406-6203.


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