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Books received in 2010

This listing is presented in alphabetical order according to the (first) author or editor, or, in some cases, the title. If a longer review is available, there is a link in the entry.

Publishers and authors interested in promoting their publications and spreading information about new books are welcome to send sample copies to the editorial address (see also the list of cooperating publishers).

Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin (2010) Arion's lyre: archaic lyric into Hellenistic poetry. Princeton; Oxford: Princeton University Press. XVIII, 252 p. ISBN 978-0-691-09525-7 (hc). Price: £27.95.

Beer, Susanna de; Enenkel, Karl A. E.; Rijser, David (eds.) (2009) The Neo-Latin epigram: a learned and witty genre. (Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia; 25.) Leuven: Leuven University Press. VI, 350 p. ISBN 9789058677457. Price: €59.50.

Bodard, Gabriel; Mahony, Simon (eds.) (2010) Digital research in the study of classical antiquity. Surrey: Ashgate. xx, 210 p. ISBN 9780754677734 (hbk). Price: £55.

Conley, Thomas (2010) Toward a rhetoric of insult. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press. 176 p. ISBN 9780226114781 (pb). Price: $17.00 (pb).

Fögen, Thomas (2009) Wissen, Kommunikation und Selbstdarstellung: zur Struktur und Charakteristik römischer Fachtexte der frühen Kaiserzeit. (Zetemata; H. 134.) München: Beck. X, 340 p. ISBN 9783406592591. Price: €78.00.

Fögen, Thomas (ed.) (2009) Tears in the Graeco-Roman world. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter. VI, 491 p. ISBN 9783110201116 (hc). Price: €99.95.

Fögen, Thomas; Lee, Mireille M. (eds.) (2009) Bodies and boundaries in Graeco-Roman antiquity. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter. VIII, 317 p. ISBN 9783110212525 (hc). Price: €99.95.

Hinge, George; Krasilnikoff, Jens A. (eds.) (2009) Alexandria: a cultural and religious melting pot. (Aarhus studies in Mediterranean antiquity; 9.) Aarhus: Aarhus University Press. 176 p. ISBN 9788779344914. Price: € 33.95.

Jensen, Jesper Tae; Hinge, George; Schultz, Peter; Wickkiser, Bronwen (eds.) (2009) Aspects of ancient Greek cult: context - ritual - iconography. (Aarhus studies in Mediterranean antiquity; 8.) Aarhus: Aarhus University Press. 243 p. ISBN 9788779342538. Price: € 46.95.

Lansford, Tyler (2009) The Latin inscriptions of Rome: a walking guide. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. XXXII, 561 p. ISBN 978-0-8018-9150-2 (pbk), 978-0-8018-9149-6 (hc). Price: £14.50 (pbk).

Laurence, Patrick; Guillaumont, François (eds.) (2008) Epistulae antiquae V: actes du Ve colloque international "L'épistolaire antique et ses prolongements européens" (Université François-Rabelais, Tours, 6-7-8 septembre 2006). Louvain etc.: Peeters. 385 p. ISBN 9789042920583 (Peeters Leuven), 9782758400196 (Peters France). Price not stated.

Mauritsch, Peter et al. (eds.) (2008) Antike Lebenswelten: Konstanz - Wandel - Wirkungsmacht. Festschrift für Ingomar Weiler zum 70. Geburtstag. (Philippika; 25.) Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. XV, 945 p. ISBN 9783447057615. Price: €98.00.

McIlwaine, I. C. (2009) Herculaneum: a guide to sources, 1980-2007. Napoli: Bibliopolis. 806 p. ISBN 9788870885736. Price: €150.

Nilsson, Ingela (ed.) (2009) Plotting with Eros: essays on the poetics of love and the erotics of reading. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen. 292 p. ISBN 978-87-635-0790-5. Price: €45.00.

Orth, Christian (2009) Strattis: Die Fragmente. Ein Kommentar. (Studia comica; 2.) Berlin: Verlag Antike. 328 p. ISBN 978-3-938032-32-9. Price: € 54.90.

Pirrotta, Serena (2009) Plato comicus: Die fragmentarischen Komödien. Ein Kommentar. (Studia comica; 1.) Berlin: Verlag Antike. 416 p. ISBN 978-3-938032-31-2. Price: € 64.90.

Roller, Duane W. (2010) Eratosthenes' Geography. Fragments collected and translated, with commentary and additional material, by Duane W. Roller. Princeton; Oxford: Princeton University Press. XVI, 304 p. ISBN 978-0-691-14267-8 (hc). Price: £34.95.

Rollinger, Robert; Luther, Andreas; Wiesehöfer, Josef (Hrsg.) (2007) Getrennte Wege? Kommunikation, Raum und Wahrnehmung in der alten Welt. (Oikumene: Studien zur antiken Weltgeschichte; 2.) Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Antike. 655 p. ISBN 978-3-938032-14-5. Price: € 79.90.

Scheer, Tanja (Hrsg.) (2009) Tempelprostitution im Altertum: Fakten und Fiktionen. (Oikumene: Studien zur antiken Weltgeschichte; 6.) Berlin: Verlag Antike. 415 p. ISBN 978-3-938032-26-8. Price: € 59.90.

Schirru, Silvio (2009) La favola in Aristofane. (Studia comica; 3.) Berlin: Verlag Antike. 184 p. ISBN 978-3-938032-33-6. Price: € 45.90.

Terras, Melissa; Crane, Gregory (eds.) (2010) Changing the center of gravity: transforming classical studies through cyberinfrastructure. (Bible in technology; 4.) Piscataway: Gorgias Press. xxiv, 465 p. ISBN 978-1-60724-881-1 (hbk). Price not stated.

Vandorpe, Katelijn; Waebens, Sofie (2009) Reconstructing Pathyris' archives: a multicultural community in Hellenistic Egypt. (Collectanea Hellenistica; 3.) Brussel: Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten. 327 p. ISBN 9789065690579. Price not stated.

Van Nuffelen, Peter (ed.) (2009) Faces of Hellenism: studies in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean (4th century B.C. - 5th century A.D.). (Studia Hellenistica; 48.) Leuven etc.: Peeters. IX, 342 p. ISBN 9789042922730. Price not stated.

Webb, Ruth (2009) Ekphrasis, imagination and persuasion in ancient rhetorical theory and practice. Surrey: Ashgate. xiii, 238 p. ISBN 9780754661252 (hbk). Price: £55. · ISSN 1406-6203.


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