Short bio


PhD in Political and Social Sciences
Date of graduation: January, 2012
Department of Political and Social Sciences
European University Institute, Florence, Italy

MRes in Social and Political Sciences
Date of Graduation: June, 2008
Department of Political and Social Sciences
European University Institute, Florence, Italy

MA in Communication Studies
Date of Graduation: June, 2007
Institute of Journalism and Communication
University of Tartu, Estonia

Bachelor in Public Relations and Communications Date of Graduation: June, 2006
Institute of Journalism and Communication
University of Tartu, Estonia

Academic work (selection)

Estonian National Election Study (ENES)
Member of the steering committee September, 2012 – …
Estonian National Election Study conducts post-election surveys for national, local and european elections. It provides in depth analysis, disseminates data and represents Estonia in comparative survey research projects, such as European Election Study, Comparative Study of Electoral Systems, The True European Voter.

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS, Florence, Italy)
Research assistant November, 2010 – May, 2011
Research assistant to the fifth consecutive Estonian Internet Voting Study for the 2011 general elections. Responsibilities: project and tender management, fielding of the survey in 2011, quantitative data analysis, writing the report. Joint project co-financed by the Estonian Electoral Committee, RSCAS, European Democracy Observatory (EUDO).

e-Governance Academy (EGA)
Scientific Advisor November, 2010 – January, 2011
Scientific advisor to e-Governance Academy developing a national voting ad- vice application for the March 2011 general election in Estonia. Responsibilities: Conceptual and technical design of the VAA, implementation of functional algorithms, coordination of software development and design, prepration and coordination of coding procedures, organization of parties self- positioning survey, etc. References: Liia Hänni (program director), Ivar Tallo (member of the board).

Administrative work

Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, University of Tartu
Member of the Council. August, 2013 –

Institute of Government and Politics, University of Tartu
Member of the Council. January, 2013 –


€ 121 800 – Personal Research Funding grant awarded by Estonian Research Council for the project ”The impact of internet voting on turnout, political representation and voter confidence. A comparative study of internet voting in Estonia, Switzerland and Norway since 2005” (January, 2014 – December, 2016)

€ 4 000 – University of Tartu Rector’s grant awarded for development of the web application ’Parliamentary compass’ allowing citizens to match their political preferences to those of Estonian MP’s (live from September, 2013).

€ 192 000 – Research project ‘Verifiable Internet Voting – Event Analysis and Social Impact’ awarded by Archimedes Foundation (2013-2015). A joint research proposal with AS Cybernetica in total of 342 000 €.

€ 128 200 – Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship awarded by the Estonian Science Foundation (2011-2014).

€ 20 000 – Open Society Foundation grant awarded to Estonian e-Government Academy for implementation of the local voting advice application Valijakompass for 2011 national elections (2010-2011).

€ 51 000 – Estonian Education Ministry grant for full-time PhD studies in European University Institute (2007-2010).

€ 18 000 – European University Institute grant for PhD completion (2010- 2011).

€ 1 600 – Departmental grant of European University Institute’s department of Political and Social Sciences for field experiment to study the effects of vot- ing advice applications on electoral behavior in Estonia during the European Parliament elections (June, 2009).

€ 3 300 – Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (through Archimedes foundation) travel grants for attending the Midwest Political Science Associ- ation Annual Meeting in Chicago, U.S. (April, 2009; April 2011), American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada (Septem- ber, 2009) and the General Conference of European Consortium for Political Research in Reykjavik, Iceland (September, 2011).


Remote Internet Voting and Personality – paper prepared for the 70th MPSA conference was nominated for a Robert H. Durr Award for best paper applying quantitative methods to a substantive problem (2012).


Masterclass in quantitative methods for Phd candidates (University of Tartu)
Fall, 2012
Regression, self-selection bias, application of Heckman two-step sample selection model, field experiments and counterfactual analysis, Rubin-Neyman causal modeling.

Voting Behavior. MA class
Fall, 2012
Major theoretical approaches to voting behavior, overview of contemporary dependent variables used in comparative election studies, new approaches to electoral behavior (internet voting, voting advice applications, etc.).

STATA conversion class for SPSS users
Fall, 2011
Introduction to STATA, user interface, transformation of variables, descriptive stats and controlled comparisons, correlation and linear regression, binary outcomes, graphs, quantities of substantial interest, Clarify, marginal effects, first differences, multilevel models, PCA, 2SLS, instrumental variables, STATA output to LATEX.