About Us

The main interest of our research group is development of biochemical tools applicable for studies of protein kinase signaling. This task is accomplished by design, synthesis and biological characterization of high-affinity inhibitors and luminescent probes termed Asko Uri Research Group Compounds (ARCs). ARCs are utilized for detection and disruption of abnormally elevated activity of protein kinases in live cells and tissues.   

Our main research projects cover the following topics and strategies:

  • crystal structure-guided design of high-affinity inhibitors of protein kinases;
  • new approaches for synthesis of conjugates of nucleosides and peptides;
  • chromatographic procedures for analysis of stability of ARCs in natural systems;
  • kinetic TLC method with fluorescent detection for evaluation of protein kinase activity and characterization of protein kinase inhibitors;
  • biochemical binding/displacement assays and assays in live cells based on detection of fluorescence polarization/anisotropy, FRET, luminescence intensity and luminescence life-time;
  • affinity adsorbents for pull-down experiments and purification of active protein kinases;
  • nonmetal probes for determination of protein kinase activity-based disease markers.