semiootika osakond
külalisprofessor / visiting professor

Semiootika osakond, Tartu Ülikool / Department of semiotics, Univrsity of Tartu
Tiigi 78
50410 Tartu

tel +372 7423664


His complete publication list is available in two parts here and here

One of his books, „Basics of Semiotics“, has been translated into 5 languages. It has also been published in Estonian by Tartu University Press (in the series Tartu Semiotics Library vol. 4, as a bilingual edition).

It includes a series of monographs, among these a momunental book „Four Ages of Understanding“ which provides the semiotic approach to the development of philosophical thought.

He is currently one of leading figures in American semiotics, and a member of the board of the International Association of Semiotic Studies.

He has supervised graduate and post-graduate students in semiotics in Finland, Mexico, Bulgaria, and Brazil.

He has long-term contacts with Tartu semioticians, and serves currently as a short-term visiting Professor in the Department of Semiotics of the University of Tartu.