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An international online journal of the classics and the humanities
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starting volume 12 (2011), the journal uses Open Journal Systems platform for publishing and has moved to a new site:

Papers published on the old site have been copied to the new one, but will also remain available here. New papers are published on the new site only. At this point, book reviews are only available on the old site.
We apologize for any inconvenience!

All papers are in PDF format, with abstracts also available in HTML.


Book notices and reviews

Starting 2006, SHT launched a section for book notices and reviews. This forms the final section of each year's "volume". Publishers and authors interested in promoting their publications and spreading information about new books are welcome to send sample copies to the editorial address. A short notice of every book received will be published, as well as more detailed reviews of those that more closely match the profile of the journal. We also accept reviews sent to us by scholars who wish to express their opinion about a book.

For submitting papers or reviews, please use the editorial address. · ISSN 1406-6203.


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