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Kontsert „Aeg maha“: Virgo Veldi (saksofon) ja Ralf Taal (klaver)

Teisipäeval, 19. novembril kell 15 on kõik oodatud Tõraverre TÜ Tartu observatooriumisse muusikaga aega maha võtma: üles astuvad Virgo Veldi saksofonil ja Ralf Taal klaveril.

Esitamisele tuleb muusika Bachilt, Mozartilt, Bédardilt, Uusbergilt ja teistelt.

Kontsert on tasuta!

Kontserdi korraldavad koostöös Tartu observatoorium ja Pille Lille muusikute fond PLMF.

Concert "Time off": Virgo Veldi (saxophone) and Ralf Taal (piano)

On Tuesday, November 19 at 3 p.m., we kindly invite everyone to Tõravere to take some time off with beautiful music played by Virgo Veldi on the saxophone and Ralf Taal on the piano.

The concert will include pieces by Bach, Mozart, Bédard, Uusberg and others.

The entry is free!

The event is co-organized by the University of Tartu Tartu Observatory and the PLMF Music Trust.

The Day of Gustavus Adolphus Academia Gustaviana 387

The Day of Gustavus Adolphus is celebrated on 6 November with a conference, lectures and a concert.


Lectures at Jakobi 2-114

Dick Harrison, Swedish historian, Professor of History at Lund University

“A European Monarch. Gustavus Adolphus and the Emergence of a Great Power in Northern Europe”

Dr Meelis Friedenthal, Senior Research Fellow in Intellectual History of the Baltic Sea Region at Tartu University Library Research Centre

Festival of Lights

On World Space Week, we kindly invite everyone to the Festival of Lights which combines light, art, and science. The festival is held on October 5 on the shore of the Nõo Mill Lake and starts at sunset at 6.37 p.m.

Festival of Lights focuses on light and light based technologies. It creates a platform to meet and share one's knowledge and experience working with light. The festival studies the essence of light from the scientific and artistic perspective. The artistic perspective is presented by dancers, singers and musicians, scientific side by researchers.