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Public e-lecture "Black Holes and Gravitational Waves" (in English)

As a part of the online conference "Teleparallel Gravity Workshop in Tartu 2020" there will be a public popular level lecture on

Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 6:00 p.m. (GMT+3:00) where

Professor Emmanuel Saridakis (National Observatory of Athens, National Technical University of Athens, University of Science and Technology Hefei) speaks on the topic

"Black Holes and Gravitational Waves: A New window to look at the Universe"

VI Tartu Planeerimiskonverents 2020

VI Tartu Planeerimiskonverents toimub 5.-6. novembril 2020 Tartus Dorpati konverentsikeskuses. Konverentsi peateema on „Planeerimisõigus ja ruum – 25 aastat planeerimisseadust, 100 aastat põhiseadust“.

Planeerimisseaduse ja põhiseaduse juubeli puhul arutleme planeerimisõiguse ja planeerimisalase aruteluruumi kujunemise üle. 25-aastane peaks olema juba vastutustundlik täiskasvanu. Vaatame üksteisele otsa ja küsime, kui küpsed me ikkagi oleme?

Rahvatervishoiu teaduskonverents “Teaduspõhine õpe, mis aitab otsustada. Rahvatervishoiu magistriõppe 20 aastat Tartu Ülikoolis”

Rahvatervishoid on kiiresti arenev valdkond, mis keskendub riiklikule tegevusele inimeste tervise hoidmiseks ja parandamiseks. 2020. aastal täitub 20 aastat rahvatervishoiu magistriõppe algusest Eestis. Tartu Ülikooli peremeditsiini ja rahvatervishoiu instituut tähistab seda juubelitähtpäeva teaduskonverentsiga “Teaduspõhine õpe, mis aitab otsustada. Rahvatervishoiu magistriõppe 20 aastat Tartu Ülikoolis”.

Business and Asia - CrashCourse by Researchers

“Business and Asia - CrashCourse by Researchers” is a 3-day course on the international markets in Asia. Comprehensive lecture series includes 3 lectures in 3 days and covers topics from Japanese management style and its transferability to European firms, paradox in cultural research and management of cross-cultural businesses. Lectures are directed to students and private sector representatives, who are interested in expanding their activities to Asian countries, taking over Asian work methods and cooperating with Asian companies.

Symposium "Extracellular Vesicles in PathoPhysiology | New advances in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for treating chronic diseases and cancer

Dear all,

We are pleased to invite you to a two-day symposium

EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES IN PATHOPHYSIOLOGY | New advances in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for treating chronic diseases and cancer

that will take place on June 18-19, 2020 in CHEMICUM, Ravila 14A, room 1020.