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Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies

Lossi 36, ruum 301, 51003, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, Tartumaa, Eesti
+372 737 5583
+372 737 5582
Mihkel Solvak Head of Institute, Senior Research Fellow in Technology Research PhD (Political Science) 737 6372
Lossi 36-302
mihkel.solvak [ät]
Piret Ehin Vice-Director for Research, Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics PhD (Political Sciences) 737 5938
Lossi 36-327
piret.ehin [ät]
Olga Bogdanova Manager, Vice Director for Academic Affairs, Programme Director for European Studies MA (Creativity and Innovation) 737 6375 (6776)
Lossi 36-313
olga.bogdanova [ät]
Eiki Berg Professor of International Relations Theory, Programme Director for International Relations and Regional Studies PhD (Geoinformatics and Cartography) 737 5311
Lossi 36-324
eiki.berg [ät]
Lisheng Dong Professor of Asian Politics PhD 737 5937
Lossi 36-325
lisheng.dong [ät]
Viacheslav Morozov Professor of European Union and Russian Studies cand (History) 737 6588
Lossi 36-326
viacheslav.morozov [ät]
Vello Andres Pettai Professor of Comparative Politics 0.25 p PhD (Political Science) 737 5335
Lossi 36-415
vello.pettai [ät]
Andrey Makarychev Visiting Professor PhD 737 6581
Lossi 36-321
andrey.makarychev [ät]
Nico Groenendijk Visiting Professor PhD nicolaas.groenendijk [ät]
Eva Piirimäe Associate Professor of Political Theory PhD 737 5938
Lossi 36-327
eva.piirimae [ät]
Stefano Braghiroli Associate Professor of European Studies, Programme Director for European Union - Russia Studies PhD (Political Sciences) 737 6581
Lossi 36-321
stefano.braghiroli [ät]
Alar Kilp Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Programme Director for Government and Politics PhD (Political Science) 737 5312
Lossi 36-318
alar.kilp [ät]
Heiko Pääbo Lecturer in Politics of Baltic Region Countries, Programme Director for Baltic Sea Region Studies, Programme Director for Central and Eastern European, Russian and Eurasian Studies PhD (Political Science) 737 5647
Lossi 36-320
heiko.paabo [ät]
Kristiina Tõnnisson Lecturer in Public Management 0.2 p PhD (Public Administration and Social Policy) kristiina.tonnisson [ät]
Raul Toomla Lecturer in International Relations Theory PhD (Political Science) 737 6583
Lossi 36-308
raul.toomla [ät]
Elena Pavlova Visiting Lecturer cand elena.pavlova [ät]
Leonore Riitsalu Visiting Lecturer PhD (Management) leonore.riitsalu [ät]
Hector Charles Pagan Teacher of Public Administration 0.25 p MPA 737 6582
Lossi 36-310
hector.pagan [ät]
Rein Toomla Teacher of Comparative Politics 0.5 p MA 737 5336
Lossi 36-308
rein.toomla [ät]
Helen Urmann Assistant in Comparative Politics 0.5 p MA (Democracy and Governance) Lossi 36-312
helen.urmann [ät]
Vasileios Petsinis Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics 0.8 p PhD (Russian and East European Studies) Lossi 36-419
vasileios.petsinis [ät]
Katrin Uba Senior Research Fellow PhD (Political Science) 737 5336
Lossi 36-308
katrin.uba [ät]
Hent-Raul Kalmo Research Fellow 0.75 p hent-raul.kalmo [ät]
Ala Leukavets Research Fellow in Political Studies PhD (Political Science) Lossi 36-416
alla.leukavets [ät]
Martin Mölder Research Fellow in Comparative Politics PhD (Political Science) 737 6141
Lossi 36-304
martin.molder [ät]
Kristina Muhhina Research Fellow in Public Policy, Programme Director for Democracy and Governance PhD 737 5937
Lossi 36-325
kristina.muhhina [ät]
Birgit Poopuu Research Fellow PhD (Political Science) birgit.poopuu [ät]
Liisa Talving Research Fellow PhD (Political Science) liisa.talving [ät]
Ionut-Valentin Chiruta Junior Research Fellow in Political Science MA Lossi 36-422
ionut-valentin.chiruta [ät]
Michael Cole Junior Research Fellow in Political Science MA (Applied Linguistics) Lossi 36-422
michael.cole [ät]
Thomas Michael Linsenmaier Junior Research Fellow in International Relations (Political Science) Lossi 36-324
thomas.linsenmaier [ät]
Taavi Unt Junior Research Fellow in Technology Research MSc (Financial and Insurance Mathematics) 737 6141
Lossi 36-304
taavi.unt [ät]
Louis John Wierenga Junior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics 0.45 p MA (Political Science) Lossi 36-422
louis.wierenga [ät]
Varje Kuut Senior Specialist for International Projects 0.68 p 737 6376
Lossi 36-315
varje.kuut [ät]
Giorgi Davidovi Project Manager 737 6579
Lossi 36-419
giorgi.davidovi [ät]
Elis Vollmer Project Manager MSc (Environmental Protection) Lossi 36-419
elis.vollmer [ät]
Andres Võrk Analyst MA (Economics and Business Administration) Lossi 36-304
andres.vork [ät]
Maili Vilson Coordinator for PhD in Political Science, Research Communication Specialist MA (European Union - Russian Studies) 737 6584
Lossi 36-319
maili.vilson [ät]
Anna Beitane Project Manager MA (European Union - Russia Studies) 737 5198
Lossi 36-328
anna.beitane [ät]
Evelyn Pihla Marketing and Communication Specialist MA (Information and Knowledge Management) 737 6379
5615 8017
evelyn.pihla [ät]
Olena Solohub Coordinator MA (European Union - Russian Studies) 737 6579
Lossi 36-419
olena.solohub [ät]
Tiina Jaksman International Programme Manager mag 737 5198
Lossi 36-328
tiina.jaksman [ät]
Anastasiia Turusinova Project Assistant 737 6579
Lossi 36-419
anastasiia.turusinova [ät]
Mare Peedimaa Project Manager 0.3 p 737 5154
Lossi 36-301
mare.peedimaa [ät]
Aigi Hommik Academic Affairs Specialist 737 5583
Lossi 36-301
aigi.hommik [ät]
Helen Vellau Specialist of International Projects 0.4 p PhD (Zoology) Lossi 36-310
helen.vellau [ät]
Oliivia Võrk Academic Affairs Specialist MSc (Ecosystems Technology) 737 6212
Lossi 36-301
oliivia.vork [ät]
Pille Gerhold Study Abroad and Internship Coordinator 0.5 p PhD pille.gerhold [ät]
Kristel Vits International Programme Coordinator 0.5 p MA (International Relations) 737 5199
Lossi 36-320
kristel.vits [ät]
Aleksandra Yatsyk Coordinator 0.5 p cand Lossi 36
aleksandra.yatsyk [ät]
Kristjan Vassil Senior Research Fellow in Technology Research (employment contract suspended) PhD (Political and Social Sciences) 737 5611
5684 4856 (5611)
kristjan.vassil [ät]
Annegrete Molloka Project Manager (employment contract suspended) MSc (Financial and Insurance Mathematics)
George Spencer Terry Coordinator (employment contract suspended) 0.69 p MA (European Union - Russia Studies)

The Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS)

Lossi 36, 51003, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, Tartumaa, Eesti
Phone: +372 737 6378

Siim Espenberg Head of Centre, Programme Manager-Analyst MA (Economics and Business Administration) 526 2195
siim.espenberg [ät]
Merli Aksen Programme Manager-Analyst 0.6 p MA (Economics and Business Administration) 737 6371
Lossi 36-312
merli.aksen [ät]
Hans Hõrak Analyst 0.1 p Lossi 36-303
hans.horak [ät]
Meri Lille Külm Analyst 0.8 p meri.kulm [ät]
Kadri Lees Programme Manager-Analyst 0.8 p MA (Economics and Business Administration) kadri.lees [ät]
Merle Mägi Programme Manager-Analyst MA (Urban planning) merle.magi [ät]
Olena Nedozhogina Project Manager-Analyst 0.7 p MA (Baltic Sea Region Studies) 737 6371
Lossi 36-312
olena.nedozhogina [ät]
Kaidi Nõmmela Programme Manager-Analyst MA (International Relations and European-Asian Studies) 737 6373
Lossi 36-329
kaidi.nommela [ät]
Saara Maria Puur Analyst 0.8 p saara.maria.puur [ät]
Marvi Remmik Programme Manager-Analyst 0.5 p PhD (Educational Science) 5155 395 (6460)
marvi.remmik [ät]
Veiko Sepp Senior Analyst MSc (Human Geography) 737 6378
Lossi 36-309
veiko.sepp [ät]
Gerly Tamm Programme Manager-Analyst 0.5 p MA (Psychology) 737 6378
r 303
gerly.tamm [ät]
Aivi Themas Analyst mag (Applied Statistics) 737 6373
Lossi 36-329
aivi.themas [ät]
Elsa Trumm Programme Manager-Analyst 737 6377
Lossi 36-303
elsa.trumm [ät]
Ene Tubelt Assistent-Analyst 737 6378
ene.tubelt [ät]
Helen Urmann Programme Manager-Analyst 0.5 p MA (Democracy and Governance) helen.urmann [ät]
Uku Varblane Programme Manager-Analyst 0.3 p MA (Economics and Business Administration) 737 6378
Lossi 36-303
uku.varblane [ät]
Jaanus Veemaa Analyst PhD (Human Geography and Regional Planning) Lossi 36-309
jaanus.veemaa [ät]
Kerli Ilves Programme Manager-Analyst kerli.ilves [ät]
Maie Kiisel Analyst 0.8 p PhD (Media and Communication) 516 9933 (3399)
Lossi 36-303
maie.kiisel [ät]
Juhan Kivirähk Programme Manager-Analyst 0.5 p juhan.kivirahk [ät]
Kerly Espenberg Programme Manager-Analyst (employment contract suspended) PhD (Economics and Business Administration)